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पर्यावरण और संधारणीयता

Most of the Mining activities are associated with impact on environment, despite utmost regard and employing best technology available in mining.

CIL today emphasizes on reducing and minimizing this impact on environment by employing its huge resources through innovation and recreating viable environment thus, transforming adversaries to its advantage. CIL mantra ahead is sustainable mining with utmost care for environment.

Our known adversaries have now been converted to many utilitarian objects ie. artificial water bodies for water storage and ground water recharge, Pisciculture in abandon exhausted mines, rain water harvesting and supply of this water to nearby localities after treatment etc., likewise the OB dump are also reclaimed scientifically in consultation with world renowned Scientific institutions creating Eco-restoration site, Eco-parks, Mine tourism with and three-tier plantation with native species and thus environment of mining area are designed to become a valuable part of ecosystem in the area.

As part of EC compliance and other statute, massive afforestation / plantation is undertaken within the Mine area through State Forest Expert Agencies along with valuable inputs from academia. To give clear picture of reclamation activities, state-of-the-art Satellite Surveillance are carried out in all opencast projects and this reports are available in CIL and its respective Subsidiary websites.

CIL has also set up multi-level internal monitoring system for EC compliance in CIL mines, which is overseen by the Highest Authority of the company.

For transparency in environment management, CIL has engaged Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE), Dehradun for Environmental Audit of OC Mines, which is intended for third party inspection, verification of the existing levels of pollution visa-a-vis the laid down standards and to delineate the compliance status of major projects in addition to the inspection carried out by the statutory authorities like CPCB/SPCB etc.

Mine Closure Plans (MCP) are prepared for all the running mines and as on date. Mine Abandon plan (MAP) are also been prepared for mines which are already exhausted earlier.