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Engineering & Equipment Division

E & M Department:


Viewing the trends of electrical bills for 2017-18 of CIL Newtown Complex (office Building and residential premises) , it was felt to relook at the energy bill of the same . Accordingly , it was decided to carry out the energy audit of the CIL office building and adjacent residential complex including guest house.

The Energy Audit was carried out by CMPDIL in 2018-19 and some distinct areas of concern have been pointed out. In this process, the contract demand of Office Building has been reduced from 1450 KVA to 1200 KVA and for Residential complex it has been reduced from 500 KVA to 250 KVA.

These modified contract demands have been implemented in October 2019 and it reduces the electricity bill of office building and residential premises by 11% and 30 % respectively. The resultant benefit of savings in energy bill during the last 6 months is Rs. 12.78 lakhs for office building and Rs. 8.55 lakhs for residential complex.

Excavation Department:

Major HEMM population as on 01.04.19 and its % achievement of CMPDI Availability norms

Equipment  No. of Equipment (as per CIL Director's report 2018-19) as on 01.04.2019 % achievement of CMPDI Availability  Norms for 2018-19
Dragline 32 92
Shovel 680 94
Dumper 2878 112
Dozer 955 100
Drill 663 106

  • HEMM Survey off Norms for new equipment like Surface Miner, 42 Cu. Mtr. Shovel, Dumper of sizes 240 T , 100 T , 60T have been fixed in May 2019. As the Survey off norms of above capacity/type of equipment is undertaken in CIL after 2009, therefore the new Survey off norms enables the replacement plan for old equipment and thus increase the CAPEX for coming years.
  • Purchase order placed for 237 nos. High capacity HEMM like Dumper of 190 T & 150 T Capacity, Hydraulic Excavator of 10 Cu. Mtr & 15 Cu. Mtr Capacity, 850 HP Crawler Dozer , 460 HP Wheel Dozer. The value of aforesaid equipment is approximately Rs 5800 crores.