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Corporate Planning


  • Mission:
    To determine the long-term goals of CIL as a whole and then developing plans to achieve these goals giving due weightage to environmental changes and also planning for overall organizational performance.
  • Overview:
    The Corporate Planning Department of CIL is presently headed by GM (CP-PMD) followed by one GM (Min.)/CP. The department is under the control of Director (Technical), CIL.
    The major fields of work of Corporate Planning Division include preparation of Annual Plan and Annual Action Plan of CIL & Its subsidiaries for the ensuing year, preparation of MoU document of CIL & its subsidiaries of the ensuing year, monitoring of MoU document of CIL & its subsidiaries of the current year, evaluation of MoU of preceding year of CIL & its subsidiaries, preparation & monitoring of Capital Expenditure of CIL & its subsidiaries, Coordinating R&D activities of CIL, preparation of System Capacity Utilization report of CIL & its subsidiaries.
    Other auxiliary jobs of Corporate Planning include preparation of CMPDI bills, preparation of replies to Parliament Questions and Standing Committee matters, replies to RTI query, notes of VIP references etc. pertaining to this department.
  • Major Activities:
    1. Annual Plan
    2. MoU between CIL & MoC
    3. CAPEX
    4. System Capacity Utilization:
    5. R&D:
  • Work Instruction Manual: Click Here
  • MoU Guidelines: Click Here
  • Investment Plan: Click Here
  • Coal Vision 2030 : Corporate Planning division was the nodal department for preparation of study report of “Vision 2030” document for coal sector in India on the behest of MoC. Accordingly, M/s KPMG, engaged for the purpose, have prepared and submitted the study report in June’ 2018 wherein coal demand scenario in the country have been assessed till the year 2030.
  • 1 BT Plan: Based on the demand projection in the country and consequent demand on CIL, it has formulated and finalised 1 Bt. coal production plan by the year 2023-24. The 1Bt coal production plan was conceived on Best-Effort-Basis by the subsidiaries, maximizing their production projections, indicating the associated enabling conditions, e.g. green clearances, land & R&R, and other required development activities like development of evacuation infrastructure.