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Facebook - facebook.com/CIL.Vigilance

Address - Office of Chief Vigilance Officer, Coal India Limited, Premises - 04 MAR, Plot No. - AF-III, Action Area- 1A, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata-700156

Twitter - @CVO_CIL

[Mobile no. of Subsidiary/Area Nodal officer is given in homepage of Annual Property Return. If any query please contact Subsidiary/Area nodal officer.]

Name Designation Intercom Telephone Mail
SHRI BRAJESH KUMAR TRIPATHY, IRSE Chief Vigilance Officer 71104430 23244134/23244152 cvo.cil@coalindia.in
SHRI M D BANDYOPADHYAY Dy. Manager (Sect.) to CVO, CIL 71104432 23244134/23244152 mdbandyopadhyay.cil@coalindia.in
SHRI P MADHUSUDAN RAO General Manager (Excv)/Vigilance 71104412 23244008 gmvigilance.cil@coalindia.in
SHRI K B CHOUDHURY General Manager (Min)/Vigilance 71104416 kantib.choudhury@coalindia.in
SHRI J V SRINIVAS Ch. Mgr. (Min)/Vig 71104415 None jvsrinivas@coalindia.in
SHRI SANDEEP Ch. Mgr. (Min)/Vig 71104412 None sandeep.sandeep@coalindia.in
SHRI SANJAY KADAMBAR Ch. Mgr. (Per)/Vig 71104419 None skadambar@coalindia.in
SHRI N K SAHU Ch. Mgr. (Min)/Vig 71104442 None nagendra.sahu@coalindia.in
SHRI RAHUL MEENA Sr. Mgr.(C) /Vig 71104414 None rahul.m5178@coalinida.in
SMT NUSRAT FATMA Asst. Mgr (Sys)/Vig 71104440 None nusratfatma.cil@coalindia.in